About Alliance

We are an all-volunteer crisis-response group of concerned Nepalis and friends of Nepal who have come together to help the country respond to the second wave of Covid. Some of us worked together in the past to respond to disasters like the 2015 earthquake and the 2017 Koshi River floods. Our alliance includes medical doctors, public health experts, journalists, data analysts, social activists, and management consultants.

Our goal is to minimize tremendous suffering and loss of life over the coming weeks. We want to complement efforts by the government and Nepali hospitals to reduce the burden of hospital visits and other harm.

How does Alliance work?

Covid Alliance for Nepal is organized around the belief that people who know most about an area are the ones best suited to do that job. Often, what is lacking is a platform to connect, combine resources, share networks and build a wealth of knowledge. By providing this (currently) virtual infrastructure, we have been able to understand problem statements and bottlenecks, move resources and acquire funding much faster and with less duplication than if we were working alone. Alliance is not conducting any fundraising directly but helping to amplify fundraising campaigns organized by different members. If you choose to support an initiative financially, that Alliance member is accountable to provide the financial management and reporting to you.